Bezanson Pavilion, Fine Arts Center, UMass Amherst

Plywood, iconography, iconic plywood: Ryan Feeney
Chris Millette builds a yurt.
Videos by Nick Rice in the FAC loading dock

PlayLaborPlay the first. Following flooding and water damage, Chris Millette's yurt must wait as he guts his grandmother's house and replaces her walls. His final sculpture was the skeleton of his yurt design juxtaposed with various refuse from the water damage—an image of life impeding work impeding play, and so on. Ryan Feeney and Nick Rice's respective works embodied similar immediacy: Ryan's iconic images cut into plywood; Nick's 30 short videos, constructed for social media, were projected large for public (and social) consumption. Everything was installed to be passed in public space.

Some images courtesy of Ben Jones and Nick Rice

September '13 Bezanson Pavilion